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Step Up Courses


Lei Aloha offers a variety of courses, including advanced courses, rescue diver courses, and various specialty courses.

Please decide your desired schedule with the instructor. All courses are available from 1 person every day.

Certified Divers Step Up Courses
Senior OWD Refresher Course.jpg

Diving Tours


Lei Aloha provides guided tours in Osezaki, West Izu and IOP, East Izu from one person every day. Complimentary gear rental and transportation to and from the closest train station included. 

Day trips and event trips to other diving points in Izu are also held every month, so please feel free to come dive with us any time! 

Diving Course


Please do not worry even if you have not been diving for a while. Join our refresher course to brush up your equipment assembling skills and review other skills to enjoy diving again in a safe manner. 

Refresher Diving Course
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Skills Lessons

Feeling uneasy because it has been a while after your OWD course? Hoping to brush up your descending skills?

Be rest assured by Lei Aloha's skills lessons, where you can practice any skills with our dive professionals.

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