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Nudibranch are also known as the jewels of the sea

Nudibranch Photographer Specialty Course

UMIUSHI Photographer SP

Available every day starting from 1 person!

Avoid beginner mistakes and shorten the learning curve with tips from the pros. Learn how to use underwater photography lights (strobes), avoid backscatter and enhance color. 

Lei Aloha Nudibranch Photographer SP

Nudibranch Photographer
Specialty Course

[Course fee]
Diving fee:12,000 yen
Dive ①4.500 yen
Dive ②2,000 yen
​※Registration fee incurred separately

[Content] 1 day
Knowledge Development (lecture)
Open Water Dive (2 dives)
Equipment rentals included
Teaching materials included

Lei Aloha Taro Yamaguchi

No other creature has such right colors and unique appearance. It's quite difficult to find and photograph. I finally found a nudibranch, but I can't focus on it! The color doesn't come out well! This course will teach you everything from how to find sea slugs to specialised shooting techniques. 


Learn how to search for "nudibranchs" and photography techniques. 400 species have been confirmed in Osezaki alone. You will be able to learn their diet, behavioral patterns, and much more from their habitat.

West Izu Store

13-41 Minami-honcho, Mishima city, Shizuoka Prefecture

East Izu Store

908-139 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture



English-speaking staff available via Email only.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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