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Osezaki Stock Photo Lei Aloha

West Izu


Held every day from 1 person! Free pick-up from JR Mishima Station

Osezaki is home to Ose Shrine, which was built about 1,500 years ago on a cape that juts out into Suruga Bay. Designated as a national park, it has rich nature and history.

Divers visit throughout the year, and in the summer it is crowded with beachgoers.

Osezaki 2 Guided Tour

12,000 yen(tax included)

​All costs included

*Winter: ​
Dry suit only rental separately
​3,300 yen per day


Full rental equipment free

Osezaki Stock Photo Lei Aloha

About Osezaki 2 Guided Tour

​Equipment full rental free! Easy by train! Free shuttle service from the station to the beach.

Lei Aloha Mishima Train Station

About the set

By train

Meet at JR Mishima Station South Exit at 8:40.


・From Tokyo ⇒ Arrival at Mishima Station at 8:19

・Nagoya direction ⇒ Mishima station 8:25 arrival)

●Tokaido Main Line

・From Tokyo ⇒ Arrival at Mishima Station at 8:34

・Nagoya direction ⇒ Mishima station 8:10 arrival)

Lei Aloha AOW Course Banner

About diving

Of course, the equipment you use is free! Of course, I think that you can safely enjoy what you are familiar with, so it is okay to bring your own equipment or rent it.

Lei Aloha Marine Spot Partner

​ lunch

On-site service The second floor is a restaurant.

There are various menus such as noodles, curry rice, and rice bowls.

You can have a hot meal for lunch. ​

​There is no problem if you prepare your own.

By car

● Meet at Mishima Shop at 8:10

● Meet at Osezaki at 9:30

Diving style: Basically, we have a small number of people (1 to 6 people / 1 group) so that everyone from those who have just acquired a C card to veterans can enjoy it. We divide into teams according to purpose and skill, such as camera enthusiasts and beginners, so that you can dive safely and stress-free.

Marine Spot Partner Restaurant Gekko

Time Schedule


8:10 Mishima shop (car)

​8: 40 Mishima Station (train)

For those who meet at the station or shop, depart for Osezaki on the Leialoha! Along the way, enjoy the scenery such as "fields of rape blossoms" and "cherry blossoms" in spring, "fresh greenery" in the forest in early summer, and "Mt. Fuji" covered in snow in winter. It will take about 1 hour.

9:30 Arrive at Osezaki

When you arrive at the sea, first fill out the "application form". After guiding you through the facilities and depositing your valuables, you will be asked to change into your clothes.

9:45 Preparation/Briefing

Once you have changed your clothes, let's start preparing ♪ The cylinder to be used will be "Steel 10ℓ". Once the weights are ready, it's time for the briefing! "I want to see something like this!", "I want to do something like this!" *If you have any concerns about setting up the equipment, please ask the staff.

10:30 1st dive

Let's decide the point according to the condition of the day and your request!

12:00 Lunch break

The second floor of the local service is a restaurant. Even though the price is reasonable! Full volume! is. After the meal, it will be a break time.

13:30 2nd dive

Let's decide the points according to your request! Depending on the conditions, let's enjoy the points different from the first dive!

15:00 Equipment washing and logging

 There is a bath where you can take a bath in your suit, so please warm up your cold body. Wash equipment and change clothes. When everyone is ready, we will log it. *Logging may be done at the Mishima shop.


​Departure from Osezaki

Please take it easy during the transfer. We will try to drive safely so that everyone can relax! (^O^)/


​Arrival at Mishima Station / Dissolution

Arrive at Mishima Station! We will break up here.

West Izu Store

13-41 Minami-honcho, Mishima city, Shizuoka Prefecture

East Izu Store

908-139 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture



English-speaking staff available via Email only.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


・Cancellation policy: 50% the day before and 100% on the day.

・Since we have received 100% even if there is no contact, please be sure to contact us.

・If you cancel without any plans for the next time, you may be charged for the text.

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