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-PADI OWD&DRY SP Course pack-

​Open Water Diver Course

with Dry Suit Diver Specialty Course

Become a diver whenever you want to

Attend the Open Water Diver Course while wearing a Drysuit, and earn a separate Dry Suit Diver Specialty certification with this value package.

​OWD Course & Dry Suit SP Pack

OWD & DRY SP Pacakge
80.000 yen(tax included)

[Details] 4 days
​Knowledge Development

Confined Water Training 1 Day
Open Water Dives 3 Days (5 Dives)

Dry Suit SP Course
Equipment rentals
Teaching materials included

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​Open Water Diver

Dry Suit Specialty Diver


Lei Aloha OWD Course Consultation

After consulting with the instructor, decide on your course schedule. First of all, there will be a confined water portion (e.g. in a pool), and then the final open water portion.​

※Course materials may be posted to your doorstep.

OWD Course Self-study

① Knowledge Development (Independent Study)

Please proceed with your self-learning at home. During the class we will go over every single knowledge review question. After confirming the preliminary study, a 50-question academic test will be conducted.

OWD Course Confined Water

​② Confined Water Dives (1 Day~)

From how to wear diving fins to dealing with water entering our masks underwater, we will spend a full day conducting confined water training in shallow waters or in a diving pool. You will also learn to achieve the state of neutral buoyancy underwater.

Certified Divers Step Up Courses

③ Open Water Dives (3 Days)

You will be able to practice the techniques you learned in the confined water training under actual diving conditions. In addition to demonstrating your skills underwater, you will also be taught how to swim and move effortlessly underwater while being surrounded by sea creatures.

​Includes the contents of the dry suit SP course.

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You became a

Certified Diver!


The oceans of the world are our playgrounds!

Let's enjoy diving♪

At Lei Aloha, We offer various programs

for those who are full of curiosity.

We are here to help you make your dreams come true.

Diving tours in West Izu and East Izu are held every day!

We also hold various event trips every month.

Let's enjoy diving every day!

West Izu Store

13-41 Minami-honcho, Mishima city, Shizuoka Prefecture

East Izu Store

908-139 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture



English-speaking staff available via Email only.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

・Cancellation Fee: 50% the day before and 100% on the day.

・Guests who failed to notify staff of cancellation will be charged 100% course fee.

・Learning materials fee may be incurred if diving schedule was not reserved.

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