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Refresher Course

Refresher Diving Tour

Held every day from 1 person!

It's been a long time since I've been diving and I'm a little worried... Please join the refresh diving tour. While reviewing your skills, you will be able to enjoy diving safely. First of all, let's refresh and enjoy the sea as an active diver!

​ Diving Trip

15,000 yen(tax included)

​All costs included

*Winter: ​
Dry suit only rental separately
​3,300 yen per day

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Full rental equipment free

OWD Course Price

You can participate in either Nishiizu (Osezaki) or Higashiizu (IOP).

Who Should Participate in the Refresh Tour! ?

1. If there is a gap of at least 6 months from the previous dive, you should check your skills on a refresh diving tour before diving. If you feel uneasy, we recommend joining a refresher diving tour.

2. Those who want to enjoy diving slowly and physically.

About refresh diving tour

​Equipment full rental free! Easy by train! Free shuttle service from the station to the beach.

OWSI DMブリーフィング


Let's talk first.

Here, let's discuss and decide what kind of skills you need to review.

A briefing will then be given on how to enjoy the dive after reviewing the skills.

Discover Scuba Diving Pool Session

skill review

We will review the skills in the limited sea area (calm shallow water).

​ First of all, we will review the equipment settings, and we will review "mask clear", "regulator recovery clear", and "neutral buoyancy".

​ You can also review any other skills you wish.

Lei Aloha UW Naturalist Seahorse

​ Diving

Come on! After reviewing the skills, it is a leisurely dive.

We will guide you to the sea with a reasonable plan.

​Enjoy two dives.

First of all, let's refresh and enjoy the sea as an active diver!

West Izu Store

13-41 Minami-honcho, Mishima city, Shizuoka Prefecture

East Izu Store

908-139 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture



English-speaking staff available via Email only.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


・Cancellation policy: 50% the day before and 100% on the day.

・Since we have received 100% even if there is no contact, please be sure to contact us.

・If you cancel without any plans for the next time, you may be charged for the text.

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