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-PADI SP Courses-

PADI Specialty Courses

Available every day starting from 1 person!

Experience new adventures with a PADI Instructor by your side. Fine-tune your buoyancy skills, build confidence in your navigation abilities, and try new activities like wreck diving, night diving or underwater videography. Specialty courses will provide basic knowledge and skills in specific areas such as deep water and night diving. Feel free to explore the variety of courses we provide.

Specialty Courses

Course fees will be added to the standard diving fee.

Diving fee 12,000 yen 


Course fee (Dive①)4.500 yen

Course fee (Dive②~)2,000 yen
Registration fee incurred separately

Advanced Open Water Manual to be purchased separately

Lei Aloha Diver Propulsion Vehicle

SP Courses Offered

PADI Dive Against Debris

Help clean up marine debris on your next adventure

Nudibranch Night Diving SP Card

Nudibranches that can only be seen at night

Lei Aloha Shark Conservation SP

Protect endangered sharks

Lei Aloha PPB SP Thumbnail

Experience zero gravity

Lei Aloha Nudibranch Goma-chan

Photographing the jewels of the sea

Lei Aloha Deep Diving SP

To dive to depths more than 18 metres

Lei Aloha Drysuit SP Thumbnail

Dive all year round

Lei Aloha UW Photographer SP

Learn pro photography tips

Lei Aloha UW Naturalist SP Banner

Learn more about marine life

Lei Aloha SP Courses Banner

Never get lost underwater

Lei Aloha Night Diving SP Banner

Explore the mysterious ocean at night

Lei Aloha Boat SP Thumbnail

 Learn more about diving from different types of boats

Lei Aloha Fish ID SP Course Thumbnail

Never having to ask what was that fish?

Lei Aloha Altitude Diving Mt Fuji

Diving in the hills

Lei Aloha Diver Propulsion Vehicle

See more, swim less

Lei Aloha DSMB Course SP Thumbnail

Safe boat and drift diving

Lei Aloha Search and Recovery SP Banner

Underwater treasure hunt

Lei Aloha Drift Diving SP

Go with the flow

Lei Aloha Bism Regulator

Learn more about your diving equipment


Nitrox helps you get more out of your scuba certification

Emergency Oxygen DAN Japan

Learn how to use oxygen in an emergency

Master Scuba Diver

The Peak of a Leisure Diver

MSD (Master Scuba Diver) is the highest rank for leisure divers who have honed their skills and accumulated experience in various diving activities and environments. It's a recognition of the diver's experience. The safest leisure diver who knows many ways to have fun while at the same time being equipped with the ability to prevent and deal with trouble.

MSD Chart Lei Aloha

Cancellation Policy

・Cancellation Fee: 50% the day before and 100% on the day.

・Guests who failed to notify staff of cancellation will be charged 100% course fee.

・Learning materials fee may be incurred if diving schedule was not reserved.

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